Q Enroll 3 iPad Promo


How good will the Q Connect App look on your brand new iPads?! That’s right, we said iPad(s)—plural. Because, come on, you can never have too many iPads. In fact, there is no limit to how many iPads you can earn during this business-boosting promotion.* When you purchase one of our new Business Acceleration Kits and enroll three new IBOs who also purchase a new Business Acceleration Kit during the promotional period—which has been extended through June 30—you will receive a 32 GB iPad! Enroll three more new IBOs on a Business Acceleration Kit, for a total of six, and you will be upgraded to a 128 GB iPad. And if you enroll three more with the same criteria, you will receive another 32 GB iPad. We may even have to invite Oprah Winfrey to the office to hand them out: “You get an iPad!” “You get an iPad!” “You get an iPad!”


Whether you’ve been an IBO for four years or four minutes, the new Business Acceleration Kits are a great way to position yourself for immediate success with Q Sciences. When you purchase a kit during the promotional period, you will receive FREE SHIPPING, a 3-month subscription to the Q Connect App, and a sampling of products and business-building tools depending on which kit you choose. For more information on each of our new Business Acceleration Kits, click here.


Now the not-so-fine print: In order to qualify to receive an iPad, you must be on a 120 PV AutoShip during the promotional period. You also must purchase a 500 PV Business Acceleration Kit, or have purchased a 375 PV or higher kit or Spanish Business Kit in your lifetime as an IBO.


*No limit to number of iPads an IBO can earn during the qualification period. On the first three new IBOs enrolled you will receive a 32 GB iPad. On the next three new IBO enrollments you will be upgraded to a 128 GB iPad. And on the next three IBO enrollments you will receive a second 32 GB iPad. This pattern on iPads will continue for every three IBO enrollments that fit the criteria. iPads will be delivered after the promo is over.