AMOR Free Product of the Month – July 2017

Is your summer schedule full of outdoor activities, water parks, family barbecues, and entertaining the kids?

Of course it is. What epic summer isn’t?

Don’t let chronic pain keep you from participating in these daily adventures. Fueled by herbs and amino acids, Q Relief Spray from Q Sciences alleviates and manages pain by calming inflammation in the nerves and other tissue to reduce the pain response in the peripheral nerves and the brain itself.

This month, those who are AMOR qualified with 200 PV or greater will receive two Q Relief Sprays free with their July autoship order.

Make this a summer to remember for you and your entire family with Q Relief.

In addition to receiving a free product each month, the AMOR Program allows you to accrue points that are redeemable for free product and other rewarding incentives. If you are not yet AMOR qualified, get involved by increasing your monthly PV to 200 and scheduling your AutoShip on or before the 20th of each month.

*IBOs and PCs are responsible for paying any tax or shipping associated with their AutoShip order.

AMOR-July 510x510