AMOR Free Product of the Month – March 2017


Whether you’re gearing up for your morning run or settling in at your desk for the long day ahead, stop relying on loads of sugar, caffeine, and other harsh stimulants to energize your efforts. With an herbal and amino acid blend for vitality and energy, Q Vitalize replenishes your body’s natural energy centers while supporting optimal whole-body health at the cellular level. This month, those who are AMOR qualified with 200 PV or greater will receive both a Men’s and a Women’s Q Vitalize Starter Box with their March AutoShip Order.


In addition to receiving a free product each month, the AMOR Program allows you to accrue points that are redeemable for free product and other rewarding incentives. If you are not yet AMOR qualified, get involved by increasing your monthly PV to 200 and scheduling your AutoShip on or before the 15th of each month. Learn more about the AMOR Program here.


*IBOs and PCs are responsible for paying any tax or shipping associated with their AutoShip order.