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Pleasant Grove, UT — March 11, 2014 — Advancing the company’s image and furthering its message, Q Sciences announced a fresh approach to their brand as part of their successful growth over the past year.  With new product offerings, science developments and expansion initiatives, Q Sciences enhanced their brand as an uplifting and energizing way to thank their national sales field.


“Q Sciences has achieved incredible success due to its hard working independent business owners,” said Darren Hogge. “We set out to help as many people as possible to find purpose, health and happiness, and it’s truly inspiring to see how so many lives have changed for the better.  We decided to keep adding to that inspirational environment and offer up some exciting progress for our company and brand.”

As part of the advancements, Q Sciences has launched two new products – Q Amino Acids and QC+, an essential amino acid product and immunity complex.


The additions add to the already complete offering of full body system approaches.  The company’s products aim to PURIFY, OPTIMIZE and PROTECT to achieve a healthy, happy body.  It’s flagship product EMPowerplus™ Q96 has helped thousands achieve optimal mood support.

“Our business owners are incredibly driven in sharing the message of healthy happiness worldwide,” said Hogge.  “These brand developments are a huge way for the corporate offices to say thank you and keep doing what you’re doing to the entire company.”  Q Sciences will continue to make several announcements over the coming year.

About Q Sciences™

Q Sciences is a wellness company offering products aimed to create a healthy, happy body and fulfilled life.  Employing a direct sales business model, Q Sciences’ growing sales field has made it its mission to help people find purpose through happiness.  Based in Utah, the company offers a wide range of products to meet the entire body’s needs.  For more information, please visit