Q Sciences Connect App


The new Q Sciences Connect App will revolutionize the way you build your business. A new take on an already-proven system, this new app is loaded with features to help you find and invite prospects, share content, conduct three-way calls, and even enroll new IBOs straight through the application.


To get started, purchase the Q Sciences Connect App subscription from your back office and then download the app from the Apple App Store or the Android Google Play Store. Once you have activated your subscription and downloaded the app, simply log in using your back office username and password and begin exploring the new Q Sciences Connect App!


Apple App Store

Android Google Play Store

Q Sciences Connect App Webinar:

Q Sciences Connect App Features



Make first contact with prospects and gauge their level of interest.



Share a video and get instant feedback when and how much of the video your prospect watched.


3-Way Call

Ask your upline to help and get on the phone with them and your prospect at the right time for everyone.



This section includes recruiting videos, so you can play them on your smart phone or tablet in a coffee shop or home meeting.



Set up, invite, and remind your prospects about a corporate event, conference call, webcast, training, or more.



Now you can easily enroll a customer or IBO directly from your phone or tablet when you’re on the go.