Proper Nutrition


Our modern food habits don’t do us many favors. Think about what you’ve eaten in the last 24 hours. Did it come from a bag, a can, a box, or a wrapper? Was it heated from the freezer or from a microwave? Was it from a fast food drive thru? If so, it probably had plenty of carbs, proteins and fats, but very few micronutrients, if any.


Micronutrients are vitamins and minerals that are required by our bodies for proper development, disease prevention, and well-being. Micronutrients aren’t produced by the body, so they have to come from our diet. Deficiencies in micronutrients like iron, vitamin A, iodine, folate and zinc affect as many as 2 billion people worldwide. All of us should be supplementing our diets with these important building blocks.


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