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Qx President’s Kids Club

At Q Sciences, we believe that children are our future. When you join the Q Sciences President’s Kids Club, you also become part of the future of Q Sciences.

To participate, submit a story (with your parents’ permission) of how Q Sciences products have helped you and your family. You may also send in a school picture, which we will proudly display at the corporate offices. Please email stories and pictures to

When you join, you will receive a new Q Sciences calculator. Every six months, you’ll also get a chance to win a new iPod touch. We will also send emails with trivia and interesting facts about the world and science.

Hello! My name is Logan and I would like to tell my story about EMPowerplus™ Q96. I am homeschooled and it used to be very hard for me to concentrate on my schoolwork. Then my mom got me some EMPowerplus™ Q96 and it’s been much easier to focus and concentrate than before, which makes my mom happy (because she teaches me). I have even been making movies about EMPowerplus™ Q96 and posting them on YouTube. Thank you so much Q Sciences!

Logan M.

Hi, my name is Jaxon. I’ve had some hard times at school but after starting EMPowerplus™ Q96 I am doing much better and feel more in control of myself. My teacher has noticed my being good and keeps sending notes to my mom and that makes me happy. Thank you for my Q96. I’m not scared anymore to be me!

Jaxon B.

Hi, my name is Marissa and I’d like to tell you about my experience with EMPowerplus™ Q96. Before Q96, I use to be very scared about diseases and illness and I use to get sad over people being mean to me. After taking my first dose, I felt stronger and could concentrate better and now I’m not worried about any of the stuff that used to bother me thanks to the Q.