Bronze Academy Vision 2020 Morning Highlights

Brandon Stevens

“It’s one thing to join a billion dollar company, it’s another thing to be a part of becoming a billion dollar company.”

Brandon gave some brilliant insights on creating the right culture for your Q business:

  • Treat others they way you would want to be treated.
  • Face challenges with optimism.
  • It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon.
  • Your teams success is more important than your own success.
  • The one who cheers the loudest wins the biggest.

“I’m not part of Q Sciences, Q Sciences is part of me.”

Jason White

Jason White's message was simple but powerful: Get out of the house and out from behind your computer!

“Identify leaders.”
“Online marketing doesn't stick.”

Kristin Adams, who was launched by Jason, came on stage and shared her first experience about getting OUT and presenting. Every person in the crowd that day signed up after her presentation. It's safe to say getting out and in front of people personally WORKS.

Hana Perlee

Hana gave us some AWESOME insights on how to launch a new ambassador effectively. Here are some highlights from her presentation:

  • It’s always about the newest person.
  • New people have new networks, new ears, new eyes, and new people who haven’t heard about Q yet.
  • Show the new person they are good at this, they can do this, and they can make a paycheck.
  • Work just as hard to retain your ambassadors as you did to acquire them.
  • No bad teams, only bad leaders.
  • Take EXTREME ownership.

The FFM team was incredible this morning!

Lead by Sarah Spencer, the value of the Financial Freedom Movement was highlighted in a big way. Sarah had some powerful questions and advice:

  • Where should my money be going?
  • Do you want to act rich or do you want to be rich?
  • Stop saying you are going to work until you die and start saying you are going to work hard and fast so you can LIVE.
  • Let go of past baggage and live within your means, needs vs. wants.

Adrian Eimerl continued with FFM and had some incredible points about FFM:

  • Only program in the entire industry teaching you to PRACTICE financial literacy.
  • Helps you create a customized plan and stick to it.
  • Will reduce your stress, improve you marriage/relationships, make you a better parent, and make you better at your Q business.
  • Brings peace of mind!!!

Craig Lebeau CPA wrapped up the FFM portion with some crucial points on taxes:

  • Opportunity to use everyday expenses as a business expense.
  • Home office and possible loss of mortgage interest and real estate taxes.
  • Tax benefits of expensing travel for mixed use.
  • What can and can’t be written off.

Bring on the Afternoon Session!

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