Vision 2020 Has Begun!

Vision 2020 is here! You could feel the energy and anticipation as the doors opened. It was an absolutely packed house and it's incredible how much the Q family has grown.

Trent Jeray performed an unbelievable dance routine to Calvin Harris's "Giant" to kick off the event. The room was absolutely electric!

About Trent: Out of Memphis Tennessee, Trent has mastered a dance style called Memphis Jookin. He has performed in Cirque du Soleil's The Beatles Love and Michael Jackson One. Trent has also performed with Calvin Harris, was on the World of Dance TV show, and is currently performing with Aerosmith's Deuces Wild. It's an unbelievable privilege to have him at Vision 2020!

The first speaker was none other than President and CEO Marc Wilson.
"I see a room full of giants."
"We don't see everything at once, we get glimpses along the way."
Marc was brilliant and went over the history of Q from meeting Dr. Kimberly to meeting Jake Spencer. He also discussed the powerful BioAbsorb technology exclusive to Q Sciences.
"Here at Q WE ARE GIANTS."

Next to the stage was Jake Spencer and Kelly Allred. They introduced some HUGE new announcements at Q Sciences:

  • The new corporate website is looking incredible.
  • Coming end of February, BRAND NEW replicated sites and back office!

There were also some massive announcements about the Q ConnectPro app featuring Q's app specialist Ethan Riehle:

  • Enrollment includes the app FREE for the first 30 days.
  • New notification features.
  • Sample cards are back! Fully redesigned Hemp Sample Card and new Q SPORT Sample Card.

New Q Rewards program launching March 1st! Ambassadors and Preferred Customers now get points to spend on product for being on autoship. These points increase the longer you are on autoship.

Sarah Spencer once again brought us an enlightening and motivating speech on finances and how to obtain TRUE financial freedom. There are brand new FFM promotions this year including a promotion that gives you more FFM for recruiting more people. Sarah also announced that everyone at the event will get FREE credit repair for February 2020.
After these announcements it was an unbelievable scene to see all of the people come on stage with signs who have benefited from the Financial Freedom Movement. Paid off debt, higher credit scores, savings and retirement accounts. You name it!

Dr. Stephen Kimberley M.D. provided some brilliant insights on health and some of the major health challenges we face today and how we can combat them with supplements. Here are some of his key points:

  • Physical emotional mental spiritual - all important bodies. Search for balance between all bodies.
  • People, not devices. Turn them off at evening. Enjoy the people around you.
  • Three essential elements for healthy self care: Exercise, Supplements/Diet and Lifestyle.
  • Even the best nutrition is not enough.
  • We are caught in an industrial farm disaster.
  • Food is not as nutritious as it used to be.
  • Supplement well with Q Sciences products to make up for this!

Marketing Director Ann Billings hit the stage with some brand new product releases!
Introducing: Q FUSE Unflavored. This product is for those who enjoy the pure, unflavored version of Q's BioAbsorb Full Spectrum Hemp Oil.
Next up Ann introduced the most fun product Q Sciences has ever released: Q TWIST, a flavored water enhancer with hemp coming in three flavors: Strawberry Watermelon, Peach Mango, and Juicy Berry.
The release of Q TWIST was groovy! Three dancers hit the stage and did the twist to drop this brand new product the right way!

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