Vision 2020 Saturday Morning!

The VISION is becoming more clear this Saturday morning. Kelly Allred hit the stage and announced five golden tickets hidden under random chairs in the convention main room. The people who had the golden ticket under their chair were brought up for a TWIST off with special guest and employee of the year Roy Clark, who came out in a TWIST dress! The TWIST off came down to two contestants with the winner receiving a Burberry bag with Q TWIST in it! It was a very close call but one amazing Q ambassador came away with the bag.

Kristin Adams had an incredible presentation about recruiting!

Recruiting and team building.

  • Time and financial freedom is directly related to recruiting and team building.
  • Leveraged income vs. linear income.
  • Impact more lives faster by growing a team.

“Make a decision to be a recruiting rockstar.”

  • Develop a recruiting mindset.
  • Become a collector of friends and stories.
  • Always be prepared.
  • Keep product with you!


  • Get buy in from your team members.
  • Set a goal: attend and host one home meeting leader up to the big event.
  • Celebrate the small wins and big wins.
  • Product sampling at appointments.
  • Get your team highly engaged in activity.

Step One: Contact.
Step Two: Compliment.
Step Three: Invite with positivity (if I, will you?).

Get your commercial ready. No more than 30 seconds. Little sound bites. Not a whole movie! Don't overwhelm them. Edify each other.

Don’t quit! The only way you lose is if you quit. Be persistent and consistent.
The best listeners are the best closers. If you listen, they will tell you what they want.

Tarryn Sarcone brought belief to everyone in the crowd!

  • You need belief in yourself
  • You need belief in Q
  • You need belief in this industry

“You can do this!”

Shannon Carlin started with an amazing inspirational video that included her family.

“I was dreaming of bigger things, and wanna leave my own life behind.”

You have to have lightning before you can have the thunder.

Shannon had some awesome advice about using the launch document:

  • This is a belly to belly business.
  • Make sure you recruit people in person.
  • Reach out to your fab 5.
  • Set goals!
  • The most important step: What is my why?
  • You need to know why they are doing this business and why it is important to them.

Shannon brought her husband Sean on stage and he game some more awesome info on the "Why."
He had a very emotional and important story about their "Why." He talked about the FREEDOMS he has gained from Q and being able to be there more for his family.

“You have to be good at casting the VISION.”

The beginning of recognition was incredible! Here are some top performers featured at Vision 2020:

Top 5 CV
1. Benjamin Bristow
2. Kalina Raboin
3. Lorena Allan
4. Keith Jackson
5. Debbie Zastoupil

Top PC Enrollments
1. Lorena Allen
2. Ashley Davis
3. Amanda Grimm

Top Ambassador Recruits
1. Aleesha Rhoades
2. Kristin Minassian
3. Stein M Osmoen

PC Enrollments Since Impact Orlando
1. Laura Zeitler
2. Teresa Hartford
3. Rachel Ding

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