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Q Rewards Launches March 1!

Forget the crinkled, dog-eared punch-card, stained and smeared, sandwiched between your old ATM card and college ID, promising you free stuff. That medium soda is hardly worth it. A true customer rewards program should be simple to use and worth taking advantage of. No more digging through your purse or wallet, while waiting in line at the checkout counter.

With the Q Rewards Program, you earn points redeemable for FREE Q Sciences products and those points are automatically tracked through your back office. Then, when the time comes to cash in your points for your Q Sciences favorites, simply apply your Rewards Points at checkout.

Free product, simple as that. Now that's customer rewards.

Earning Q Rewards Points

To solidify long-term customer satisfaction, the Q Rewards Program awards points to Preferred Customers and Ambassadors based on the number of consecutive months an AutoShip order processes. In months 2-6 that your Autoship order successfully processes, you receive 10% of your AutoShip's PV (EX: 10% of 100 PV = $10) to be used as the dollar amount to spend on product. That percentage increases with the number of consecutive months your AutoShip Processes. See the chart below:

(Example: If Kristen is a PC for four months ordering 100 PV, she will have $30 to spend.)

When Will I be Able to Redeem my Points?

With Q Rewards launching March 1 and the first tier requiring an AutoShip to process in 2-6 consecutive months, the earliest you could redeem your points for FREE product would be after your April AutoShip runs successfully. Rewards points must cover the total price of the product excluding shipping and tax, which are paid separately.

Can I Earn Q Rewards Points with Care & Share?

Between Q Rewards and Care & Share, Q Sciences offers the most complete customer incentive programs in the industry. With Care & Share you can earn 100 PV or 200 PV AutoShip order FREE. For complete Care & Share details, click here. When a FREE Care & Share AutoShip is earned, it carries 0 PV. This means no points may be accrued for the Q Rewards Program. Preferred Customers and Ambassadors who don't qualify for Care & Share, may take full advantage of Q Rewards.

Whether through Care & Share or Q Rewards, Q Sciences rewards your loyalty.

Note: Q Rewards points may not be used to offset AutoShip, may not be used on specials or sales, points flush IMMEDIATELY when AutoShip is turned off, excludes taxes and shipping fees, accumulated points do not move to next percentage tier, and points are not earned on FREE AutoShip generated from Care & Share.

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