Supporting your Healthy Immune System

We're all seeking immunity, but there's no quick fix no immunity idol or magical mountain spring. The key to greater health and wellness, instead, is fostering a balance of healthy diet choices, nutrient supplementation, restful sleep, regular exercise, and stress management.

Then, when the chorus of coughs and sniffs echoes throughout the office, the classroom, or the train on your morning commute, your immune system is primed and ready to defend itself effectively against common and not so common seasonal threats.

Dialing in that immune system balance begins with a healthy diet rich in vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. But, as always, that's much easier "committed to" than actually executed. Broccoli and spinach just don't make you salivate the way, say, pepperoni and cheese do.

And yet, healthier eating habits are critical to getting the essential micronutrients you need to strengthen your immune system. Because there will undoubtedly be deficiencies, micronutrient supplementation is necessary to filling the gaps that might limit your body's immune response.

Q Sciences has your Back and your Immune System!

A great place to start is fortifying your vitamin C, D3, and B12 intake, not to mention zinc, which is known for supporting immune health. With a collection of easy-to-use vitamin and mineral sprays and other immune-boosting products, Q Sciences makes it easier than ever to stay on top of your micronutrient supplementation for a stronger, healthier immune system.

Q D3 Spray: Formulated with 5000 IUs of vitamin D3 per serving, Q D3 Spray activates the immune system to function more aggressively against viral infections.*

Q B12 Spray: Delivers 500 mcg of vitamin B12 per serving to assist in converting food into energy, supporting healthy metabolic function and immune response.*

Q C+ Spray: This powerhouse complex of vitamin C and zinc supercharges your immune system to protect against common ailments.*

Q DEFEND Intensive Roll-On: With the help of BioAbsorb Full Spectrum Hemp Oil and immune-boosting herbs, Q DEFEND protects your health against seasonal threats while providing aromatic and topical comfort.*

And because lurking viruses can be waiting for you anywhere, Q Sciences vitamin sprays and roll-ons are on-the-go portable for best results. Each product fits snuggly in a pocket or purse to keep you on top of your immunity game wherever you happen to be.

As you work out that harmonious balance of adequate exercise, stress management, and healthful sleep, you can rest assured that your micronutrient intake is on point, even if your cheat meals occur more regularly than you'd like to admit.

There's one remaining question, though: What will you do with all those saved-up sick days? Go ahead and hit the slopes or the hiking trail.

Don't worry, we won't tell your boss.

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