Overall Health Assurance of Q CORE!

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Esera Mose


We know that the number of nutritional supplements available to you can be overwhelming, especially when you first start your health journey. Q CORE was created with you in mind, targeting the most essential body systems for supported health. To aid you from head to toe, we comprised a medley of three micronutrient formulas that work as an all-in-one health assurance trio.*

Here’s what you need to know about Q MAX PREMIUM, Q ALIGN, and Q BIOTICS TOTAL :

Q MAX PREMIUM – Designed for daily mind and body health, Q MAX PREMIUM provides essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to your body at the cellular level. Just like with our BIOSYNQ™ hemp, we keep maximum absorption in mind by including fully methylated B vitamins in our new and improved formula!*

Here’s why we love it:

Vitamins & Minerals: Q MAX PREMIUM provides generous servings of Vitamins A, C, D3, E, and essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus.

Micronutrients: Q MAX PREMIUM combines micronization and nano-chelation processes to strengthen bodily functions like energy production and bone health.*

Methylated Vitamins: By providing pre-methylated B vitamins, Q MAX PREMIUM helps your brain and body battle conditions like fatigue and muscle pain.*

Q ALIGN – Do stiffness or inflammation ever cause you to feel slightly off? Q ALIGN is a natural alternative for those of us experiencing diminished mobility and aches or pains associated with chronic inflammation.*

Here’s why we love it:

Inflammation Reduction: Q ALIGN contains Curcumin Extract, Pineapple Enzyme, and Wood Betony Powder, all three of which are popular for reducing inflammation.*

Increased Mobility: With ingredients like Ginger Root Extract and Devil’s Claw Extract, Q ALIGN helps decrease soreness and promotes better microcirculation.*

Q BIOTICS TOTAL – As a fundamental rule, you should trust your gut. At work, in school, during play: our new Q BIOTICS TOTAL gives you all-day relief straight to your core.*

Here’s why we love it:

Q Tested, Body Approved – Because of improved absorption, consistent use of Q BIOTICS TOTAL aids in recovery from stomach flu symptoms and common gut issues.*

One Capsule A Day – Our proprietary Spore Probiotic Blend is so effective that it only takes one capsule a day for you to see results.*