Spreading the Quintessential Lifestyle

When you are as driven as Q Sciences' founder and CEO Marc Wilson former two-time Super Bowl champion with the Oakland Raiders retirement can feel awkward and cumbersome, like a waste of time. Tee boxes, putting greens, and even the occasional birdie, blend together after a few months.

His unquenchable thirst for success brought him out of retirement and back into the business world, where he had enjoyed over 30 years of successful real estate development. As a retired NFL quarterback, Marc understands the importance of physical and mental health. Since launching Q Sciences in late 2012, Marc has championed the initiative of greater health and wellness with full spectrum hemp products and nutritional supplements, unmatched in the industry.

Company Facts

+ Founded in 2012

+ Located in Pleasant Grove, Utah

+ Full range of full spectrum hemp and nutritional supplements

+ Doing business in 23 countries and four continents

+ Global company expanding reach consistently

Quintessentially Better!

The "Q" in Q Sciences represents the word "Quintessential," meaning the best of the best, the perfect embodiment of something, including our industry-leading, scientifically researched products. Because the status quo just won't cut it at Q Sciences, the leadership, culture, and opportunity match our line of full spectrum hemp products and nutritional supplements by being quintessentially better than everyone else in the industry.

At Q Sciences, we're family. Not in some cheesy, restaurant marketing-pitch kind of way, but in the way where relationships and connection come first. In a face-to-face, belly-to-belly business where our Ambassadors are forming relationships in coffee shops, checkout lines, and PTA meetings, our executive leadership and corporate staff cherish the opportunity to communicate and connect on a deeper level.

Join Q Sciences and become a part of our Q Family!

Fueled by Innovation

Before we will allow any product to represent Q Sciences be it full spectrum hemp or part of our nutraceutical line it must pass our screening process. Is it truly quintessential? Is it backed by science? Is it innovative, or is it shallow and unimaginative? If we can answer these questions with complete confidence, then we will begin the product development process.

That's the easy part.

Then, Dr. Stephen Kimberley, M.D., Q Sciences' Chief Science Officer, ensures that the science is proven, that formulas are based on research, and that ingredient quality is unmatched in the industry. All this takes place so you can rest assured that Q Sciences products truly make a difference in your health and well-being.

Get to Know Dr. Stephen Kimberley, M.D.

Dr. Kimberley's passion for creating innovative herbal and nutraceutical formulations stems from over 30 years of experience as an internal medicine specialist in integrative and alternative medicine. For nearly 15 years, Dr. Kimberley also has served as Senior Editor for WebMD, the leading source of medical information on the web. In that time, he has developed over 50 diagnostic and health management tools and shared his extensive knowledge of natural ingredients and their powerful effect on wellness.

Dr. Kimberley received a graduate degree in neurochemistry and biology from the University of Oregon, a medical degree from the University of Oregon Health Sciences Center and completed his residency in internal medicine at UCLA's Kern Medical Center.

Turning Vision into Reality at Q Sciences

At Q Sciences, our executive team lives and breathes leadership. Whether in the huddle, the boardroom, or on stage in front of thousands, our Q Sciences executives lead with experience and a lot of it!