It’s harder than ever to stay calm, clear-headed, and energized. That’s why Q Sciences developed a line of complete multivitamin supplements that stimulate brain health and mental clarity. Because they work on the micronutrient level, the body is better able to absorb the nutrients it needs, boosting energy, focus, and physical health in order to help you and your family reach their full potential.Our science and medical advisory boards work hard to make our products do what they promise—and more. Thanks to them, our proprietary formulas and technology are unmatched.

Q Sciences was founded in 2013 by former BYU and NFL quarterback Marc Wilson to address a need he saw in his own life for better care for his body and mind. After a ten-year pro football career with the legendary Raiders and Patriots, Marc was very concerned with the toll football had taken on his health. Marc discovered the benefits of micronutrient supplements on total health through collaboration with Dr. Stephen Kimberley, an internal medicine specialist and senior editor of WebMD. Together they produced a line of products for people looking to improve their health.

Dr. Kimberley has served as Q Sciences’ Chief Science Officer since the company’s inception in 2013 and has been instrumental in creating Q Sciences health and wellness products, which are based on the very latest research and technology. His decades of experience, along with his dedication to ingredient quality, have ensured that Q Sciences offers the most effective products on the market, formulated to work together as a system to purify, optimize, and protect both the body and mind.