As a Q Sciences Ambassador or Preferred Customer, you work hard to share our incredible products with family members, friends, and the people you meet in your community. As a reward, we want to give you your favorite products for free. The Care & Share Program gives you the chance to earn a free 100 Point Value (PV) autoship order each month.

Follow the steps below to get your autoship for FREE:

Step 1: Have an autoship order of at least 100 PV.

Step 2: Have had an autoship order of at least 100 PV process in the prior calendar month*.

Step 3: Personally sponsor three or more active Preferred Customers.

Step 4: Make sure the volume from your Preferred Customers equals 300 PV or greater.

Note: An Ambassador or Preferred Customer may qualify for up to 200 PV free by increasing their autoship to 200 PV or more and their Preferred Customer volume to 600 PV or greater. Q Ambassadors and Preferred Customers are responsible for any applicable shipping charges and tax.

*Any Ambassador who joins on a Business Activation Kit may count that towards meeting the requirement of 100 PV in previous month during their first month as an IBO.

Note: The Care & Share widget in your back office tracks your progress with real-time data to let you know how close you are to receiving your autoship for free.