Dr. K On Immunity

Greetings Q devotees! The world is now in the grip of a viral pandemic and coronavirus is not through with us. This is a novel virus, which means that no one has resistance or previous exposure. When this occurred with the current flu virus, millions died. Of course that was before much was known about […]

The Truth About Sodium Benzoate

Dr. Stephen Kimberley Greetings, Q Folks! I really enjoyed seeing so many of you at the Salt Palace in January. We have an amazing company with amazing people, of which you are one! A wise lady there pleaded with me to write more columns and I take her admonitions to heart. Now, we all know […]

Supporting your Healthy Immune System

We’re all seeking immunity, but there’s no quick fix — no immunity idol or magical mountain spring. The key to greater health and wellness, instead, is fostering a balance of healthy diet choices, nutrient supplementation, restful sleep, regular exercise, and stress management. Then, when the chorus of coughs and sniffs echoes throughout the office, the […]

Q Rewards

Q Rewards Launches March 1! Forget the crinkled, dog-eared punch-card, stained and smeared, sandwiched between your old ATM card and college ID, promising you free stuff. That medium soda is hardly worth it. A true customer rewards program should be simple to use and worth taking advantage of. No more digging through your purse or […]

Vision 2020 Saturday Morning!

The VISION is becoming more clear this Saturday morning. Kelly Allred hit the stage and announced five golden tickets hidden under random chairs in the convention main room. The people who had the golden ticket under their chair were brought up for a TWIST off with special guest and employee of the year Roy Clark, […]

Vision 2020 Afternoon Session Highlights

Mariel kicked off the afternoon session showing her true leadership. Here are some points about her presentation on what it takes to be a great leader: Leaders respond, leaders don’t react. How successful people clear their minds to respond in a calm manner: Exercise, listen to personal development during drive time, meditate, and breathing exercises. […]

Vision 2020 Has Begun!

Vision 2020 is here! You could feel the energy and anticipation as the doors opened. It was an absolutely packed house and it’s incredible how much the Q family has grown. Trent Jeray performed an unbelievable dance routine to Calvin Harris’s “Giant” to kick off the event. The room was absolutely electric! About Trent: Out […]

Bronze Academy Vision 2020 Afternoon Highlights

Marc Wilson Marc had some inspirational stories about his NFL career along with lessons that guided him in business. Here are some unforgettable takeaways from Marc’s presentation: Gene Upshaw – You gotta love it, baby! Find the bright spots, include everyone, make everyone feel valued – each person belongs. You gotta want it! Successful people […]

Bronze Academy Vision 2020 Morning Highlights

Brandon Stevens “It’s one thing to join a billion dollar company, it’s another thing to be a part of becoming a billion dollar company.” Brandon gave some brilliant insights on creating the right culture for your Q business: Treat others they way you would want to be treated. Face challenges with optimism. It’s not a […]

Platinum Rewards Incentive Trip

Is there a better reward for all your hard work than strolling along the exquisite beaches of Cabo San Lucas at sunset, the cool Pacific surf washing the sand from your toes? In 2020, Q Sciences is headed to the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja California peninsula for an all-expense-paid* celebration. Join us on this […]