The Next Generation of
Q Sciences

The next generation of Q was welcomed in with over 40 watch parties and events all over the world. From Dallas to Australia to the UK, it was truly a worldwide event.

Generations was all about families. Family always comes first at Q and that’s why we innovated and launched a game-changing kids nutrition product in Q KIDS CORE. Learn more about the first ever kids product from Q Sciences here:

Along with Q KIDS CORE, CEO Marc Wilson, President Jake Spencer and Marketing Director Ann Billings introduced the all new Q KIDS CLUB. The club’s mission has three important elements:

Wholesome products that nourish kids

Fun stuff for kids that rewards healthy habits

Resources that support family wellness

Check out the all new Q KIDS CLUB web page here:

With the huge success of the Generations Event, we’re excited to expand on our kids product line and create products that support the health of everyone in the family.

If you missed it, you can still view the full announcement on our Q Sciences News Facebook Page: