Everyone has a home at Q Sciences.
We create products that support the
health of everyone in the family.

Introducing the Q KIDS CLUB!

This is a fun and easy program to help kids learn healthy habits.
Our KIDS CLUB mission has three important elements.

How does the KIDS CLUB work? It’s easy!

1. Download and print a KIDS CLUB Checklist here.

2. Remind your grownups to prep and serve Q KIDS CORE.

3. Track your habits with the super fun KIDS CLUB Checklist.

4. Ask your grownups to take a pic of your finished checklist and text it to

When you complete and send your KIDS CLUB Checklist, we will send you a fun surprise!!!

Have you seen our Q KIDS CLUB artists?
Check these out!

Pick a design and color it any way you want.
Ask your grownup to send it with your finished KIDS CLUB Checklist to kidsclub@qsciences.com.

We just might turn your design into the cover of our next product!

Wanna meet the Q Critters?

Play the Q Critter Course now!


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