Financial freedom. Time freedom. Health freedom. And the freedom to design a life. It’s all possible with Q Sciences. With us, you’ll find innovative, life-enhancing products, an incredible business opportunity, and a simple way to jumpstart your dreams. It’s the kind of opportunity that can change your entire life—you can discover more time for things that truly matter, more money to invest in your goals and a sense of independence you never thought possible.


Q Sciences is changing the lives of people across the globe from all walks of life! Get a taste of what it is like to live your purpose and passion from these touching, real life stories.

Mariel F.

“I looked at many companies and I was blown away that Q Sciences was the only one that’s going to change the industry as a whole.”

Thomas P.

“I’m really happy, so I asked myself what’s my why and my why is to help other people feel the same way.”

Danielle R.

“We truly can watch somebody transform and once they find their purpose again, it gives them the confidence and belief to make their dreams a reality.”

Mark M.

“The Q Connect Pro App is second to none, it makes our business so simple to build.”

Dayna M.

“If I have little cracks of time in between what I’m doing and where I’m going, I am able to use my phone, my phone is my money maker.”

Tessa W.

“It’s incredible to be able to run this business from my phone and do it around our kids’ activities.”

Jason W.

“We treat Q Sciences like it’s our business, like we’re the CEOs. It’s a huge key to the whole business, we’re in control of our time and who we work with without going to a traditional job.”

Brandon S.

“Thank goodness Q Sciences came into our lives, it’s been a gamechanger.”

Brandon S.

“Most people say, don’t go into business with your family. The thing is, we love helping our family, giving back and showing them a way they can live a better life as well.”

Brandon S.

“When I laid my eyes on Q Sciences, I saw the simplicity of it. I can literally explain the comp plan in less than 5 minutes. Instead of looking at average incomes, I know exactly what my income will be.”


When building Q Sciences, we knew the products would change lives, so the compensation plan just had to follow suit. That’s why we called in the experts. Their brilliance has given Q and you, the most fair, flexible, and financially rewarding plan in the history of the industry, with many unique ways to earn income.


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