Quintessential Biosciences, or Q Sciences, began shipping product in January of 2013. The motivation behind Q Sciences, from the beginning, was to build a Company that could make a difference in the lives of people and their families throughout the World.  The name Quintessential, meaning the best of the best, and Biosciences meaning verified and validated by the latest in Scientific research, was chosen to remind us as a Company to live up to our name each day in all that we do so that we might fulfill our objective and our promise. 



Q Sciences was founded by former BYU and NFL quarterback Marc Wilson.  After a 10 year NFL career, followed by a 20 year career developing real estate in Seattle, Washington, Marc began a lifetime desire to retire at a relatively young age to the golf course. That lasted about 6 months.  

The turning point came one day while driving home from the golf course when he asked himself the question: Is this REALLY what you are going to do every day for the rest of your life? The answer proved to be NO. When he got up in the morning, he wanted it to matter. What he did during the day, he wanted it to make a difference. Soon the golf membership was sold and Marc was formulating plans to launch what would in time become Quintessential Biosciences.  



The product line that started with Q96 soon expanded to include a full complement of nutritional supplements, as well as products addressing sleep, digestive health, weight management, energy and skin care. Together the product line offers a complete wellness solution, and is perhaps the most comprehensive, integrated and holistic approach to overall wellness in the world today. All products which ultimately become part of the product offering with Q Science are evaluated as follows: 

  • Are they Quintessential? 
  • Are they backed by science? 
  • Are they anything but Shallow and Unimaginative? 
  • Will they make a difference in people’s lives? 

For the nutraceutical products, to successfully pass the test, they must specifically: 

  • Contain an effective dose. The recommended daily dose must be an effective dose. This means that there is enough of the ingredients in the daily dose to make a difference and fulfill the promise of the specific ingredients and the product; and 
  • Absorb. No matter how impressive the ingredients and the formula, the product must absorb.  
  • And in most cases, the formula must also contain some aspect that enhances brain health. (A principal focus of Q Sciences is brain health. Without a healthy functioning brain, no matter how otherwise healthy, quality of life is severely compromised.)