Our product philosophy is all encompassing, truly enriching. As you strive to live a quintessential life, your health, every bit of it, is included in that process. From essential micronutrients for better overall health to products created to target your specific needs, Q Sciences is committed to helping you discover your Q Lyfe.


Once you try our incredible products, you’re going to want to share them with everyone you know. We like to reward this entrepreneurial behavior with free products. That’s why, if you’re an Ambassador or Preferred Customer, you have a chance to earn free 100 Point Value (PV) autoship order each month with our Care & Share Program. It works like this:

Step 1: Have an AutoShip Order of at least 100 PV

Step 2: Personally Sponsor three or more Preferred Customers.

Step 3: Make sure the volume from your Preferred Customers equals 300 CV or greater.

Step 4: Congratulations! Your next month’s AutoShip is free!


The Q Sciences foundation is solid. The science is proven. Formulas are based on research; we source the highest quality ingredients and offer cutting-edge technology in delivery and efficacy. Our environment, with its toxins, combined with our stressful lives, leave us depleted. Thanks to the tireless efforts of our Q Sciences Medical Advisory Board, we have unmatched formulas and technology that help us address these specific areas of health.