Q ARMOR is your immune system fortress. This exclusive formula includes iconic, rare mushrooms known as adaptogens which have a unique ability to "adapt" according to the specific needs of your body.*


  • Boosts healthy immunity*
  • Helps balance underactive or overactive immune system*
  • Antioxidants*
  • Helps body adapt to mental and physical stressors*
  • May support liver health*
  • May boost energy and endurance*

In Depth

Product Sheet

What's Inside

Other Ingredients: Natural Chai Flavor, Coconut Oil Powder, Salt, Stevia Leaf Extract, Xanthan Gum.

Suggested Use

Add one scoop to 6-10 oz of water, milk, plant-based milk, or beverage of your choice. Stir, shake, or blend in a closed container. Can be mixed with hot or cold liquid.