Q Biotics: A superior probiotic supplement with a moisture-activated gelatin shell that delivers beneficial bacteria where it's needed.

 Key Benefits: 

  • Replenishes intestinal flora to promote digestion*
  • Supports a healthy immune system*
  • Improves overall health*
  • Enhanced absorption of essential nutrients*

Why Q Biotics?

The health of the gastrointestinal system is critical as an immune system booster for health and digestive function. Each Q Biotics tablet is protected by a moisture-activated gelatin shell, which shields the beneficial probiotic bacteria from the harsh conditions of stomach acid until it can safely reach the intestinal tract. Upon arrival, Q Biotics has been engineered to release these beneficial bacteria over a 12-hour period, making Q Biotics the only probiotic tablet in the nutritional industry to achieve gastric acid bypass and controlled, all-day delivery to the GI tract. When you replenish your digestive system with the beneficial bacteria it needs, you will feel the difference in every aspect of your health.*

Q Biotics uses a patented controlled-release delivery system to promote optimal digestive system health. Each dose contains 6 billion** live, active probiotic cultures at the time of manufacture and is engineered to survive the acidic environment of the stomach before releasing into the intestines over a 12-hour period.***


  • Moisture-activated gelatin shell forms a protective layer, shielding beneficial bacteria from the harsh conditions of the stomach until they can safely reach the intestinal tract.* 
  • Optimizes internal environment for a healthy digestive system.* 
  • Controlled-release delivery system ensures steady, maximum absorption in the intestines.* 

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Suggested Use: Take 1 tablet, once a day. Store in a cool, dry place. 


*These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

**Shortly after production the daily dose contains 6 billion viable microorganisms that, during the shelf life of 18 months, gradually decreases to an amount of 2 billion. 

*** BIO-tract® Delivery System is a registered trademark of Pro bi USA, Inc. in the United States (reg. in the name of Probi USA, Inc.). U.S. Pat. Nos 8,007,777 and 8,540,980