Q cleanse is packed with powerful herbal extracts designed to gently and efficiently cleanse all body systems with emphasis on the liver, digestive and urinary system.*

Product Info
Suggested Use
The foods we eat, the air we breathe, and many of the products we use daily relentlessly bombard our bodies with unhealthy and dangerous toxins. The concentrated herbal extract formula of Q Cleanse effectively helps rid the body of these troublesome toxins for better overall health.*
• Supports whole body cleansing*
• Promotes digestive health*
• Stimulates healthy liver function*
• Safe and effective for both adults and children*
• Contains an all-natural, proprietary blend of powerful cleansing herbs.*
• Designed to soothe the intestinal lining, while acting as a mild laxative.*
• Helps rid the body of unwanted toxins and waste.*
• Even more effective when combined with the use of Q fiber.*
Take one or two droppers full (about 35 drops) of Q cleanse in 4 oz. of water or juice two times a day on an empty stomach.