When you want the full coverage of all-in-one nutritional health insurance, you can trust Q Core Q Max.

This bundle includes:

  • Q Max with the methylated formulation of Q Max for your brain and body’s fuel
  • Q Omegas for complete system protection
  • Q Biotics for efficient absorption
  • Q Prime for delivery from head to toe

4 Reasons Why Q Core Q Max Works Better Together

First, your brain and body need fuel from micronutrients. But your body doesn’t get all the micronutrients it needs from the food you eat. The most reliable way to insure you get all the micronutrients you need for maximum health is from the 36 vitamins, minerals and amino acids in Q Max. It’s a super micronutrient formula that can be taken by anyone because these micronutrients include methyl folate and methylated vitamin B-12.

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Second, your body needs complete system protection with a quality omega 3 supplement—one that goes beyond maintaining normal, healthy levels of cholesterol, and supporting a healthy heart. Ordinary omegas often don’t reach the brain. But with special omega 3 compounds and additional ingredients, more of the nutrients in Q Omegas can be transported across the blood brain barrier.

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Third, your body must efficiently absorb those 36 vital micronutrients from Q Max and the advanced formula of Q Omegas. Digestion in your small intestines, where absorption occurs, is optimized with Q Biotics. A special, protective coating ensures that Q Biotics get safely past your stomach acid to supply live, friendly and beneficial bacteria, to your intestines so they can easily absorb these micronutrients into your blood stream.

Learn more about Q Biotics here.

And fourth, the 36 micronutrients in Q Max and advanced formula Q Omegas must be delivered to your cells, tissues, muscles, brain and even the very surface of your skin through the capillaries of your microvascular system. That’s where Q Prime comes in. Q Prime fortifies your billions of capillaries with seven specifically combined ingredients sourced from regions around the world. A healthy microvascular system delivers micronutrients to every cell and vital organ in your body.

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They’re better together!

Fuel. Protection. Absorption. Delivery.

All in the Q Core Big Four. Better together!

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