Powered by chia seeds, Q focus boosts mental energy with a synergistic blend of vitamins, amino acids, and supportive nutrients. The all-natural energy sources of Q focus are time-released, delivering long-lasting mental energy throughout the day and when you need it most.*

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Does your life demand focus and clarity? Maybe you’re like most people and you sometimes get bogged down in a mental fog. Q Focus fuels healthy energy to your body’s source — the brain. And because your energy-hungry brain consumes more energy than any other organ in your body, Q Focus rejuvenates your brain’s performance, replenishes your mental energy, and protects your decision making and mental clarity with a host of supportive nutrients that stimulate neurotransmitter activity for better overall brain health and function.*
• Boosts mental energy*
• Improves focus*
• Promotes clarity*
• Supports brain health*
• Provides antioxidant protection*
• Chia Seeds: Each serving of Q R.E.V. Focus has 7.5 grams of whole chia seeds, which are an excellent source of natural energy, omegas, fiber, and protein. Chia seeds also provide satiety and appetite suppression.*
• Natural Energy Sources: Natural caffeine, yerba mate extract, and guarana extract provide different stimulant curves to deliver long-lasting energy without any jitters or crash.*
• Energy Regulation: A host of nutrients, including D-ribose, L-theanine, thiamine, B vitamins, and zinc help regulate energy function even after stimulants have been metabolized by the body.
• Optimal Brain Function: DMAE, L-tyrosine, and choline bitartrate are present to ensure proper brain function and health while increasing neurotransmitter activity. • Naturally Sweetened: Q R.E.V. Focus is sweetened with zero
calorie, all natural stevia extract to provide a delicious and sugar-free drinking experience.
Mix one packet with 16 ounces of chilled water. Stir or shake to activate chia seeds.