Your “Why” or “Y” as we like to say it, is the key that will give you the energy and motivation to focus on the activities that will bring you the most success. This will drive your success, as it represents your goals and dreams. And, if powerful enough, it will help you overcome objections and prioritize your time and efforts for maximum success.


From having more time to spend as a parent than a professional to the financial flexibility to create a lasting legacy, who better to tell you about living the Q Lyfe than those who do it every day!

Tessa W

“When people say they don’t have the time or money to do something like this, I always want to encourage them. To me that was my main reason why I wanted to do it, we’ve never had time freedom like this.” – Tessa W.

Frank F.

“We’ve have great products, a simple comp plan that pays amazing, and it’s just a good place to be.”

Jason W.

“I was looking for three things: An easy way into the company, for a very minimal fee you can become your own CEO. Second, we were looking for products that people could feel results from. And third, leadership, it’s the best of the best.”

Tessa W.

“I was attracted to Q Sciences because I was looking for very strong leadership. I know that everything rises and falls on leadership and I was looking for the best of the best. To say that we’ve found that is an understatement.” – Tessa W.

Brandon S.

“I just wanted to find a company where good guys could win — provided with the right vehicle and the right products where we can actually impact people’s lives. Where it’s not just about the money, but we’re impacting people’s lives. I truly believe when you partner up with good people, good things tend to happen.”

Frank F.

“Q Sciences changed our lives. I take the kids to school, pick them up, I get to go on field trips and I’m typically the only Dad there.”

Danielle R.

“Q Sciences allows people true freedom, freedom of what they do with their time and who they do it with”

Mark M.

“Q Sciences has allowed me to have the freedom to be able to be with the people I care about the most, to be able to travel the world and help other people without having to answer to anybody else.”

Dayna M.

“I want my legacy to be abundance. I want an abundance of time, resources, relationships for my children and their children, and that it’s passed from generation to generation”

Dayna M.

“When direct sales entered my life, I saw a way to have residual income instead of one-time pay. Usually if I don’t work my paycheck doesn’t come, residual income is much more appealing.”

Jason W.

“Q Sciences has given me time with my kids that I wouldn’t have had otherwise, that’s why we’re so passionate about it.”

Brandon & Judy S.

“Q Sciences has given us the opportunity to spend more time together and actually have a relationship and abundance of life. We’re able to do what we want, whenever we want.”


As human beings, we crave friendships and the feeling of belonging that a community provides. The Q Lyfe provides a number of ways for you to associate with people who, like you, want to achieve their goals, find success, and develop meaningful friendships and relationships along the way, including: Participation in events, seminars and program, building teams of like-minded people, charitable initiatives in the community and travel to exotic locations. As you work and grow together, you’ll find that these friendships will become an integral part of your overall success and happiness.