When you need faster fuel to accelerate your physical and mental performance, reach for Q Sport—a well-balanced blend of natural sources of caffeine, chia seed oil, amino acids, and supportive nutrients that boost healthy energy without undoing all the good things you do for your body.*

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With a natural, time-released caffeine boost, Q Sport is strong enough to power your workout, fuel your workday focus, or give you the early-morning kick you need without compromising your health. And because there is no sugar or synthetic caffeine, there is no crash. Q Sport is safe and healthy because it’s infused with synergistic ingredients that work together to improve your health, unlike traditional energy alternatives that put unnecessary strain on your body with junk ingredients and harsh stimulants.*
• Boosts mental and physical energy*
• Increases nitric oxide for enhanced blood flow*
• Reduces muscle soreness after a workout*
• Improves mood and enhances cognitive function*
• Chia Seed Oil: Chia seed oil is an excellent source of natural energy, essential omega fatty acids, and antioxidants.*
• Natural Energy Sources: Natural sources of caffeine, including yerba mate extract and guarana extract deliver long-lasting mental and physical energy.*
• Energy Regulation: A host of nutrients, including D-ribose, L-theanine, thiamine, B vitamins, and zinc help regulate energy function even after stimulants have been metabolized by the body.*
• Optimal Brain Function: DMAE, L-tyrosine, and choline bitartrate are present to ensure proper brain function and health while increasing neurotransmitter activity.*
• Exercise Benefits: In addition to healthy energy, Q Sport reduces muscle damage during exercise, absorbs oxygen and nutrients into muscles and vascular tissue, and increases blood flow and production of nitric oxide.*
Mix one packet with 16 ounces of chilled water.