Glycocalyx and Microvascular Health 

More than 50 clinical research studies by researchers and hospitals around the world confirm that a single hidden problem—a weakened glycocalyx and microvascular system—begins with early warning signs: 

∙ Type 2 Diabetes 

∙ High Blood Pressure 

∙ Erectile Dysfunction 

∙ Severe PMS 

∙ Cold Hands and Feet 

∙ Leg Cramps 

∙ Skin Problems 

∙ Hair Thinning 

∙ Fatigue 

∙ Lack of Focus 

∙ Memory Loss 

∙ Certain Eye Problems 

∙ Hearing Loss  

Research into multiple diseases reveals that good health is related to the importance of robust capillaries and the microvascular system. 

An exchange of nutrients and waste removal takes place in the capillaries of your microvascular system. Recent technology now allows researchers and scientists to study and better understand the critical role of the capillaries. 

In the past, blood vessels were thought to be hollow tubes. With today’s high resolution video microscopes, a discovery reveals that the entire circulatory and microvascular system is coated with a transparent gel-like lining that protects the inside walls of the capillaries and enables the transfer of nutrients and waste removal from vital organs. 

This gel-like lining of the capillaries and all other blood vessels is called the glycocalyx. Its integrity is essential to the healthy function of all cells, organs and body systems. 

When this glycocalyx lining is healthy, so are the blood vessels, which are essential for good health and vitality. 

Q Prime is a proprietary, patent-pending dietary supplement that has been clinically shown to maintain a healthy glycocalyx.* 

GlycoCheck Technology 

Glycocalyx function can now evaluated with non-invasive technology. GlycoCheck is the only automated, all-in-one system that includes patented software technology, integrated with a computer, video microscope camera, and calculation of a MicroVascular Health Score™.. 

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