Total nutrition is essential for the brain and body. You get that total nutrition from Q Science’s classic formulation of Q 96, or the methylated version, Q Max. Along with Q Amino Acids, Q Calcium with Magnesium, and flavored versions of Q 96 for kids, when you desire total nutrition, think Q Sciences. 


Q 96 

Both your brain and body need micronutrients for power. That power comes from the fuel in Q 96 to combat the stress of everyday life, improve mood stability, mental clarity, and support your organs, muscles, and the rest of your body. The most reliable way to ensure you get all the micronutrients you need for maximum health is from the vitamins, minerals, and amino acids in Q 96. 

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Q Calcium with Magnesium

Q Calcium with Magnesium is a bone mineral supplement that reduces the risk of developing weak bones by providing balanced and highly absorbable restorative minerals necessary for healthy bone density. As well as helping to develop and maintain bone, Q Calcium with Magnesium aids in the maintenance of healthy cartilage, teeth, and gums.*

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Q Max 

Similar to Q 96, Q Max is a super micronutrient formula for your brain and body. Because nearly half of the population has a genetic trait known as the MTHFR gene that affects proper methylation, Q Max includes the methyl forms of these essential micronutrients to ensure proper nutrient absorption by everyone.  

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Q Amino Acids

Q Amino Acids promotes growth of solid muscle tissue and supports increased strength and endurance. It’s been specifically formulated and balanced for the human body to deliver every essential amino acid necessary to promote and maintain health. Because the free-form Amino Acids and supportive nutrients in Q Amino Acids need no digestion, they are immediately absorbed for rapid results.*

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Q Max Berries & Bananas

Perfect for kids or others who don’t like to swallow capsules, Q Max Berries & Banana is a daily micronutrient complex of 36 vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.Q Max powder fuels foundational nutritional support to your brain and body at the cellular level for maximum results.

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