Q Prime 

 You may look—and even feel—healthy on the outside, but inside your microvascular system, a completely different situation could be developing. Early warning signs, such as cold hands and feet, leg cramps, lack of focus, skin problems, hair thinning, memory loss, hearing loss, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, erectile dysfunction, and severe PMS, point to a single hidden problem inside your microvascular system. Poor microvascular health is linked to diseases and conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, kidney disease, stroke, dementia, and cancer metastasis.

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Q Omegas 

Omegas helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels* and fills in the gaps to give you complete system protection that other omega 3 products leave out. Q Omegas facilitates the delivery of nutrients through microvessels that enrich and nourish the brain for energy production, and can improve brain function, digestion, absorption, and metabolism.

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